Moving Average in Timelion

I am trying to visulaize some more comlex metrics with timelion. I have a value per day (average number of events per user) and I want to know if that number is higher than the moving average of the last 7 days (plus or minus 30% of the moving average: light grey line). The following image shows what I have.

However as you can see, it does not calculate the moving average for the last days... If I would change the window to 2 days, it would also calculate the moving average for the last days, and everything would be perfect.

That's my query:
.label("Rolling Average (7)")

Is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

It could be you don't have enough data yet. Can you provide the filters you are using on your data (for .es and .divide)?

OK. I was a lttle bit confused. I now understand why the data is not shown and everything is correct. Thanks for the reply, Mike.

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