Moving Indices from Data Folder

If I wanted to quickly move indices from one node to another, would I break anything if I just cut/pasted the indices files under %ES_HOME%\data from one node to another? opposed to using the _cluster/reroute API, which seems to take forever and frequently fails.

Yes, you are very likely to break things by doing that. Never ever alter or delete data on disk - ALWAYS use the APIs.


Thanks - I thought so, just wanted to check. So what is the best way to offload cold data to removable disks for long-term, offline storage?

Hi Tim,
You can not just copy the data folder to any node and make it work.

Best way for you will be to move the indices to other node via reindex api ( If index size is not really large) else snapshot restore could be an option.

Not sure what you are trying to do with reroute api
As it allows manual changes to the allocation of individual shards in the cluster.

See if reindex api helps you.

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