Multi-level Sankey in Kibana

I was able to successfully make a 2 level sankey graph based on the blog post but wasn't able to find anything to make the graph multi-level. Is there a way to extend the sankey to multiple layered graph? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@nyuriks - can you please help here?


@dhruv477 while there has been a number of requests for this, the complexity of the task is such that it hasn't been built by anyone yet. I think we should really invest some time into building a new Vega transformation that wraps d3's Sankey logic. Once done, multilevel sankey graphs will become far easier. But as always with the open source - someone has to actually spend time creating it and submitting a pull request. Hopefully there will either be a volunteer soonish, or I will try to find some time to wrap my brain around it, or we could convince the Vega team to build it (I think there is a Vega issue for it somewhere)... So... I'm still hopeful :slight_smile:

@nyuriks thanks for the reply.
I went ahead and made a 3 layered Sankey graph. It works fine and it almost solved my business problem(almost!). I can help out you guys by volunteering and extending the graph to many levels once I'm able to figure out how to properly solve my problem.

With the current graph I have, it works perfectly fine, except the aggregation makes multiple connections between every 2 different nodes, which isn't ideal.

Update: It works perfectly now!

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