Multi-node setup: Do they need same specs?

First question: I have been running ES on a single node (mostly because of budgetary constraints). Right now it has reached its full capacity and I am looking into adding nodes to it. However, again, because of budgetary constraints, I would like to know if it is possible to put it on a server that does not have the same specs as the current one.

Docs seem to imply that I should have 3 nodes — so for example, is it possible to keep my current node running on a 6-core machine and then having the additional two running on 4-core machines? The main reason I am asking is because the 6-core machine in fact costs twice as much as the 4-core and I would like to limit my cost if possible.

Second question: If I run snapshots, on Node 1, the data from Node 2 and 3 will be saved also, correct? When I used the S3 plugin to save, the performance is often unideal, and I find myself first snapshotting using the FS method and then sync’ing the locally backed up snapshots to S3 after it has been saved locally. And I wonder if I have a multi-node setup, that I would still be able to do this.

Yes. Please note that Elasticsearch will work out its thread pools given the underlying hardware specifications.

Correct. You can store snapshots of individual indices or an entire cluster

Thanks very much this is very helpful!

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