Multi search API: Getting more than 500 hits

Hello guys!

I kindly need your help with something.

I'm building a script using groovy. The main goal is to retrieve all the logs we have on our server so I can use that logs, apply some logic (e.g., regex, conditional logic) and retrieve the results on a csv.

The thing is: in most cases when I try to use the Multi-search API, I only get 500 hits. On most case, the number is way larger than then (20k, for example).

I know that it's not possible to use a scroll mechanism on this API, but it's the only one I have access to (the platform in which we have our API's - Mulesoft -, only exposes the _msearch endpoint; it's impossible to use another one).

I can't really work only with 500 hits.
My goal is to use Groovy/Java to make this happen and I can't come up with a solution.

Do you guys have any idea of how I can achieve this result to retrieve all the information? Some kind of logic that allows us me to say to the API: Ok, find me the first 500, then go ahead and retrive the next 500, and so on.

Thank you!

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