Multi-tenancy in Elasticsearch (development environment)

My use case for multi tenancy with elastic search is to have indexes with same name and type across different development environments (dev, test, stage)

Is it possible to have this set up of multi tenancy in same cluster ? If yes, what are possible ways?

You can, but would you do this for your production database?

What happens if someone decides to stress test the cluster in dev and takes down production?

No, this is not for production database. We have separate dedicated nodes for non-prod and prod.

Just want to split non-prod cluster into multi-tenants(dev,..) instead of creating clusters for each environment?

Do you have any pointers on how can we do this?

Ah right, misunderstood sorry.

Just pick index names that are indicative of the environment they serve. Elasticsearch will happily host them in the same cluster.

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