Same ES cluster for non prod environments (for both dev and qa)


I have setup Elasticsearch (ES) cluster and using it for dev environment with set of indexes. And wanted to use the same ES cluster for qa environment as well. I mean two different environments with same index names. Please suggest how do we design this way.

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The easiest way would be to just add the name of the environment to each index.

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So the suggested approach is create two separate indexes one for dev env and another one for qa env. For example dev_index1 and qa_index1. Please correct if me if my understanding is wrong.

With this approach we need the code changes (or provide some configs) in the application as well to use corresponding index based on the deployment environment (i.e dev or qa).

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Yes, that's the approach.

Otherwise how will you differentiate the two?

If you want the same index name in two separate environments you must have separate clusters.

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