Multipath in the pipeline not working

Hello All,
Thanks in advance.
We have succesfully sending the data to the console via custom application.
There was a specific request to add one more path in addition to the existing path. The logs that are present in the new path is not sending any data to the

Existing log file path: \QWEFY/#QWEFY/HUWA_LOG/BLOCK/S000//.txt
New log file path: \QWEFY/#QWEFY/BLOCK_LOG/BLOCK/S000//.txt

The pipeline.conf file as shown below. please help me.

input {
http {
codec => json_lines
port => 4503
ssl => false
file {
codec => json
path => ["\QWEFY/#QWEFY/HUWA_LOG/BLOCK/S000//.txt","\QWEFY/#QWEFY/BLOCK_LOG/BLOCK/S000//.txt"]
start_position => "beginning"
sincedb_path => "D:/FileShippers/logstash-7.16.1_BLOCK/sincedb/S000/.sincedb"
sincedb_clean_after => "2"
close_older => "15 m"

output {
vdhttp {
http_method => "post"
format => "logzio_batch"
content_type => "application/json"
proxy => {
host => ""
port => "8080"
scheme => 'http'

Any one have idea on this issue.

What do you have in the logstash log files for the file input when you start logstash?

Also, is anything being collected at all?

\QWEFY/#QWEFY/HUWA_LOG/BLOCK/S000//.txt I would expet to have a wildcard before .txt so the logs can be collected.

How are you running Logstash? Did you check the permissions for the new path? The user running logstash must have permissions to it.

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