Multiple data locations

Can elasticsearch be configured in such a way that it first creates the index for the day in one location and then at the end of the day it to an archive location ?

For example:

  • At the start of a new day Elasticsearch creates "myindex--2018.04.02" on /mount1
  • At the end of the day Elasticsearch moves "myindex--2018.04.02" to /mount2
  • Both locations should be available for search
  • The process repeats

If Elasticsearch does not have a feature like this built in, would I do the following:

  • Add two locations for the Elasticsearch data
  • Write a script that runs at the end of the day
    ** The script closes the previous days index
    ** The script moves the previous days index to the new location
    ** The script opens the previous days index (now that it is in the new location)
  • The process repeats the next day

You can have a hot/warm architecture with elasticsearch.

This blog post might be useful :

Thanks! I stumbled upon it as well. Looks like exactly what I had in mind. I will give the hot-warm architecture a try.

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