Multiple DCs - How to prefer local data?


We examine an ES configuration with a single cluster across two DC. The latency between DCs is okay but not as good as inside the DCs.

I would like to achieve an active / passive deployment, so that:

  • The primary DC (A) will have all the primary shards and a single replica for each shard,
  • The secondary DC (B) will have two replicas for each shard.
  • If a machine in A fails, ES would prefer promoting the A replica to primary and not one of the B replicas.
  • If both the primary and replica on A fails, ES would promote one of the B replica's to primary but also create a new replica on A and when it's ready, make it primary again.
  • Queries and gets will prefer using local data on A (from primary and replica).

I thought of using forced awareness with 4 groups: A1, A2, B1, B2.
However, in case of failure in A1, how can I tell ES to specifically promote the replica in A2 ?

Update: thought of another possible solution: use shard allocation awareness (not forced) with two groups A, B and 3 replicas. I hope that if the primary shard on A fails, ES will prefer promoting the secondary shard on A and not one of the B's (Can someone confirm that?). Also in this solution I need application monitoring of cluster health. When the application (on the active DC) discovers that the other DC is down, it shall temporarily decrease replica count from 3 to 1, to avoid creating two additional local replicas in A.


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Pro tip, don't do this! ES does not like latency and you will end up regretting it when the link goes down and your replication breaks, or you get a spike in latency and your nodes "drop" out because of this. There's a bunch of other threads on this topic so I'd encourage you to look at those.

You can use preferences for this sort of thing.

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