Multiple field formatters

I currently have a dashboard (thanks to the enhanced table plugin) which shows a percentage in the table. The percentage is calculated by combining 2 fields into a scripted field ('percentage'). If the percentage is below 50% I'd like to have text in red, between 50%-75% in yellow and above 75% it will be green. This is quite easy to do with the colour formatter. However, then I cannot control the number of decimals (e.g. 2 decimals). So I'm now facing either have the colours and have the percentage shown with 10 decimals, or no colours and have 2 decimals as then I can use the number formatter. How can I have them both? I searched quite a bit for a solution but unfortunately no 'easy' solution apart from create my own custom field formatter plugin.

Thanks, Paul

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This looks like a community based plugin, so it might be worth chatting to the author of this plugin and seeing if it's something they can directly assist with.

Otherwise, someone else might have another option.

Hi Mark,

It is indeed about the 'enhanced datatable - pivot table' from Fabien Baligand. However, the issue is more general I think. When a field formatter is applied via the index pattern you can only apply one. In this case I'd like to have only 2 decimals behind the decimal point and want to apply the color ranges. This is I think a general issue which has nothing to do with a plug-in as in every visualisation can have this issue I think. If there is a workaround for this, please let us know!
The same question has been asked at least 2 times more, one is about how to modify the color formatter to have the rounding in there: Modification of Color field formatter

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