Multiple indices sql query

Im trying to sql query from kibana side post method using. My index name like
"sample_index-*" i want query in that index.

when i try to sql query i got error like;

post _xpack/sql/translate
"query": "select age from "sample_index-*""

But i got error like;
which have different mappings. when using multiple indices the mappping must be identical. Please help me!!!

Sadly this is how it works. Joining across multiple indices is possible only when their mappings are identical.

If this limitation is lifted then it could potentially sway these Big Data users who work on Hive and Impala to consider Elasticsearch. :slight_smile:

@varunarathinam @LGans316 at the moment, indeed, the restriction exists for identical mappings. But we are working on easing this limitation.

Please, note though that there is a slight difference here between two likely scenarions:

  • multiple indices where you are using the fields from both with NO relationship between them (aka JOINs)
  • using relationships

We are working on the first item. The second one is, at the moment, not on our list. Relationships in Elasticsearch are not so straight forward (like in a relational database), thus the difficulty that comes with this feature.

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