Alias/sql issue

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I am trying to use the elastic sql cli command. I setup an alias to cover multiple indexes, but now when I query via sql cli, I get the following:

sql> select * from all_netflow_indices limit 1;
Bad request [Found 1 problem(s)
line 1:15: [all_netflow_indices] points to indices [netflow-2018.07.16] and [netflow-2018.07.16] which have different mappings. When using multiple indices, the mappings must be identical.]

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Hi @bossi6of9,

Thank you for taking ES SQL for a spin and reporting your finds.
The error message is partially correct:

  • to be able to query multiple indices, at the moment (we do have an enhancement on our to-do list), they have to have identical mappings
  • because of this bug, the error message incorrectly mentions the problematic indices' mappings and states the same index twice

I hope this clarifies better the issue you encounter.

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