Multiple instances on a machine as different services?



Currently we are running NLS which is based on an older ELK stack on our system. We would like to migrate smoothly to pure ELK in version 5.0.

To avoid a big bang we would like to install ELK 5 in parallel. Tagret system is redhat linux.

How can I install ELK 5 in parallel to the old version. I would like to install elk manually and change the service names to elasticsearch5, logstash5, kibana5, but I don't know how to do it. (I am not that familar with linux).

Thanks, Andreas

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My two cents:

1°/ Read lot of documentations :-)

2°/ Install service after service, first : Elasticsearch

You can install the .tar.gz package manualy, in a special directory. Change the cluster name in the configuration, run it.

Then pass to the next service, etc...


Unfortunately, I did not find the point on how to install the service manually in the docs. Maybe that I am blind. Can anyone provide a link?
Thanks, Andreas

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Read :

1°/ Download & unzip

2.0°/ Open conf/elasticsearch.yml and change you_cluster_name a_node_name_if_you_want
transport.tcp.port: 9301
http.port: 9201

Probably need that too : false ["your_ip:9300", "your_ip:9301"]

2.1°/ Run the command


This new node will join your current cluster installed as a service

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