Multiple Kibana instances per cluster

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Looks like Kibana does not have a feature to apply role based access control on visualization or dashboard items within one instance. Can ECE configure multiple Kibana instances for a given cluster?

I understand that permission is applied on index but this special use case wants to have minimal information leakage between users.



(Yuri Tceretian) #2

Hi Jin,
unfortunately ECE does not support multiple Kibana deployments that point to one Elasticsearch cluster.

(Jin) #3

@Yuri, thank you. Jin.

(Jin) #4


If I have additional kibana instances connecting to the same elastic cluster, will there any conflict or potential race condition between the ECE kibana and additional kibana instances?

Thank you.


(Yuri Tceretian) #5

@jmtrc, I am not expert in Kibana, but I do think that some kind of race conditions is possible if Kibana instances are configured to point to the same index for storing metadata.

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