Multiple Kibana Logs settings


I use elastic stack as a log aggregator for a k8s cluster. I'm creating a separate index from filebeat for each namespace in the cluster for multiple reasons, one of them being to speed up search on a specific namespace.

I'm relying on the Kibana Logs feature for log tailing. In order to switch from one index (corresponding to a namespace) to another, I need to change the Logs settings. It implies that only one namespace (so a single user, as long as it's not the same index that it's used for troubleshooting) can concurrently use the Kibana Logs.

Is there a way to have multiple settings for kibana Logs feature ?

Right now, the only way to have multiple Logs settings is to use Spaces. Each space can have it's own LogsUI config. For a solution from inside the Logs app, feel free to add an enhancement request in the Kibana repo.

Thanks, I was not aware of the option to use Spaces. It's works great for my use case.

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