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I was rereferring below link for setting up of Kibana spaces for logs isolation based on environment domain. We have single instance of Elastic search & Kibana(7.10.2) & Our requirement is create different Kibana spaces like DEV,TEST etc and send logs from agents(filebeat) to only specific spaces not to default spaces or all spaces.

Example : DEV agents should send filebeat logs to DEV Kibana space & TEST agents should send logs to TEST Kibana spaces. Please let me know is this possible with kibana spaces for separating logs based on environment domains. I tried setting kibana space.id in filebeat.yml by configuring different kibana spaces(DEV & TEST) but it has not worked by default it sends logs to all spaces eventhough we set space.id in filebeat.yml.

Kibana Space ID

ID of the Kibana Space into which the dashboards should be loaded. By default,

the Default Space will be used.


That's because you don't send logs to spaces but to indices. Maybe this can help you Change the index name | Filebeat Reference [7.13] | Elastic

Thanks for the reply. You are saying we can send agent logs directly from filebeat to kibana spaces without sending to elastic search indices ?

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