Create kibana space in output elasticsearch section in logstash

HI all
I am using elastic cloud 7.12 with filebeat and logstash through helm.
Now, filebeat send all the logs to logstash then logstash does some filters then output to elasticsearch.

In the pipeline in output I have the following:

cloud_id => "${cid}"
cloud_auth => "${cau}"
ilm_enabled => "false"
template_name => "${app}" 
index => "${app}-logstash-${env}-%%{[@metadata][version]}-%%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"

Now I would like to add for example kibana space id so it goes straight to the space ID without going to the default.
Is there a way to do so AFAYK?


The Kibana API is not integrated into Logstash in that manner, no.

Thanks heaps Mark.


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