Send data from packetbeat to kibana space

Hello . I have packetbeat installed on one machine and I like to send the logs to a space in a kibana that is on another machine. Can I define the ip of this machine along with the space in the settings file or should I send it to logstash?

Are you looking to restrict access to this data, or do you want to logically separate it out?

At the end of the day spaces are a collection of indices and those indices are still stored in Elasticsearch. So you can assign any indices to a space in Kibana.

Logically separate it. Ok so I just have to send the data to the right index ?

Do you want to split this specific Packetbeat data out into a different index from existing Packetbeat data? Or do you want all the Packetbeat data separated out from other data in Elasticsearch?

I want the data from each elasticsearch to be in one space.

How do I distinguish the indices of one space and the other?

It might be worth reading Spaces | Kibana Guide [8.8] | Elastic to get a bit of an idea of how spaces work.

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