Multiple nodes in a single Ubuntu host with Debian package based install

Hello community,
I have installed elastic 7 and Kibana in a ubuntu host for dev purpose. I need to run multiple nodes under this unique host. However I installed elastic using apt install (Debian package) method ending up having the default configuration and home folder etc (/etc/elasticsearch, /usr/share/elasticsearch ) as documented here

So far all documentations I found regarding setting up multiple nodes are mentioning installing manually different directories.
Do we have a documentation about how to configure multiple nodes using the Debian package based install ?

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There's no official way to do this, as the assumption is a single host per package. Usually we'd recommend using docker containers for this. Alternatively I know that some configuration management tools (eg Ansible) can config and run multiple instances.

Thank your your welcoming and the information
This page is stating that "Note that we do not support anymore installation of more than one node in the same host" . #sadtime
What do you usually recommend with docker ? Install docker in the ubuntu host and create an instance for each host? Would that work with a basic license?

You can run multiple docker instances on a single host if you have the resources.

Would that work with a basic license ?


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