How to run multiple elasticsearch nodes in same server with rpm package?

Hi All,

We are trying to run multiple Elasticsearch nodes like (master node, coordinating node and data node) on the same server , we have installed rpm package and updated the configuration in /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml file.

Now when I have to run data node, I have to update the same file and run this again. Is there a way to have three separate elasticsearch.yml files rather than updating the same one again.

This is not the recommended way to run more than one node per host. You'll be much better off using using the tar.gz or docker containers.

You can do it this way, but you will need to copy the config file for each node and do a few other settings to make sure they don't conflict with working directories.

@warkolm :Thanks for your reply, can you suggest what other settings I need to perform

I can see the flows moves like this

  1. ES will search for /etc/init.d/elasticsearch code

2)From above code /etc/sysconfig will get executed which has the yaml files

  1. Finally /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml will get executed from where we can set the configuration.

But I am not sure where to change it.

You will probably need individual files for all of those, and you will need to edit them all accordingly.

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