Multiple pipelines for ingest Node

I created a filebeat where i defined multiple sources for input as this way :


In order to obtain the appropriate data, i set a pipeline that concerns one among the logs defined above. every thing is fine with my pipeline but it work for just one log. So my questions are :

  1. how could i adjust my pipeline to be applied for a specified log?
  2. Is it possible to define different pipelines in the same filebeat?
    Thanks for your help.

What you need to do is to define a new input for each type of log and use the pipeline option in the input, with this configured Filebeat will route the event to the appropriate pipeline

Tanks for your reply,
I just found the solution.
The solution is to set "when" condition and specify the input file when we set the pepline in the output section just like the syntax in pipeline documentation.
hope it helps :wink:

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