Multiple plot lines Vega Lite Kibana

I am trying to create a two line graph with both of the lines using quantitative attributes. Following is an example of the data I have:

    {"TIMESTAMP" : "15/07/2020 13:58", "A" : 61, "B" : 70}, 
    {"TIMESTAMP" : "15/07/2020 13:59", "A" : 51, "B" : 60},
    {"TIMESTAMP" : "15/07/2020 14:00", "A" : 67, "B" : 80}, 
    {"TIMESTAMP" : "15/07/2020 14:01", "A" : 52, "B" : 40}, 

Now, I want to create a line graph in Vegalite which has two lines plotting A and B on the same y axis. I have found a work around using different symbols but what if we want to plot it from the record as above?

Note: I have gone through this documentation but all the examples use a symbol attribute which tells the category of the feature.

You can do this using layers (Layering views | Vega-Lite)

Check out this example:

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