Multiple query with wildcard

How to query easily ? Is any tool to help to implement the query ?

I've success to query on a range time but I would like to add a condition on a message pattern...

How to do that ? I've tried something like this :

 "query": {
         "bool" : {
              "filter": {
                   "term" : {
                        "message" : "*my string*"
         "must" : {
             "range" : {
                  "@timestamp" : {
                          "gte" : "now-10m",
                          "lt" : "now"


is any help to add condition in my query ?

First, prefix wildcards are a performance killer. I would refrain from using it. In the above example there is no wildcard needed.. you could just search for my AND string using a match query. Keep in mind that this works differently than SQL.

Also, you probably want to move the range part in the filter part of a boolean query and move the match query into the must part in order to apply scoring.