Multiple Users viewing Kibana Reports

I observed that I can see only reports I created. Is there any way that I can view reports created by other users as well in kibana.


Reporting is across the stack. But it is user specific. So it depends on how you are logging in and what is your access permissions.


Say I created a report based on saved search with superuser 1.
Right now, superuser 2 cant see the reports created by superuser 1.

Everything is in default space.

SO, I am not sure what you mean depends on how you logging in and access permissions.
Can you please elaborate on that.

Both users are superusers. (I am guessing should have access to everything)

Right I tried the same thing in my local and i couldn't see reports by super user 2.

@joelgriffith when you glance this way - can you please let us know if you have any inputs?


Any more info on this please?

@bhavyarm Did you find anything on this.

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