Multline Logs via filebeat

I'm sending logs to a remote server via filebeat. Currently, each line of log is sent separately as a document. I want to send filebeat to send the log as one document till the loglevel of the next log is found. It is easily achievable in logstash but since filbeat only takes regex patterns. I found this regex "/(?:DEBUG|INFO|ERROR|WARN)[\s\S]+?(?=DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR)/gm" but it gives me parse error.

Hi @saramali,

We offer a way to test multiline patterns beforehand, have a look to

You can iterate over your regexp pattern until you find a match

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Thank you for replying.
I'm certain this regex works. I have tested it. It is something related to perl regex.
I seem to have escape characters in the regex string and when I use \ to escape them, the regex functionality breaks.

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