My ElasticSearch Query is too slow (.net)

When i added elastic search in my project and test it on the first day it was way too fast.Next day it become too slow.I dont know what is heppening. See Code Bellow.

  1. Kibana :Took 264
    GET /products/_search
    "query": { "match_all": {}},
    There are 106000 records...
    var response = _client.Search(s => s
    .Query(q => q
    .MultiMatch(m => m
    .Fields(fields => fields
    p => p.ManufacturerPartNumber
    p => p.Name,5
    p => p.FullDescription
    p => p.ShortDescription
    p => p.Sku

         var productIds = (from hits in response.Hits
                         select hits.Source.Id).ToArray();
         var models = _productModelFactory.PrepareElasticProductOverviewModels(productIds, false, true, _mediaSettings.AutoCompleteSearchThumbPictureSize).ToList();

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