My search term has reserved characters, and I need to perform a wildcard search


I'm trying to search for multiple terms containing special characters using wildcards. To do this, I've employed the query string with the AND operator and multiple terms.

When I exclusively use the code below, wildcards (*) and the AND operator function correctly, but the search for special characters doesn't work:

.Query(string.Join(" ", finalkeyword.Select(Key => $"*{Key}*")))

Conversely, when I only use the code below using the escape, the search for special characters functions properly, but wildcards (*) and the AND operator do not work:

.Query(string.Join(" ", finalkeyword.Select(Key => $"*{Key}*")))

My requirement was to use either multiple search terms or a single term. I wanted to employ the 'AND' operator along with a special character to conduct a wildcard search.

For Example search term :
"International" - Expected multiple results
" International doctor" - Expected multiple results
" International doctor day"- Expected multiple results
"International doctor day 05/30/2023" - Expected 1 results
"05/30/2023" - Expected multiple results
"Internat doct da 05/30/2023" - Expected multiple results


I would appreciate any suggestions and assistance you may provide.

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