Search problem with query_string and special characters

Searching with AND operator and special characters with query_string it returns more results than I expect.

Having two documents with one field called searchField, with the next values:

  • First document, value: AAA{BBB}CCC
  • Second document, value: AAA{BBB}DDD

I have the following results:

  • First case: Returns both documents searching for the value: AAA{BBB}CCC
  • Second case: Returns only the first document searching for the value: AAA BBB CCC

I guess both queries should return only the first document as the search is done with AND operator.

The query used in the first case is the following:


I'm using Java with JestClient client.
The reason why I use the bool query is that is created dynamically so it could have more parameters.

This "issue" happens with several special characters. Not sure if I could be doing something wrong.

Thank you very much!

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