Mysql database monitoring

colleagues to be able to monitor a database which are the permissions that the user must have. and which table is the one that should have these permissions in my SQL

Hi @jonsacri,

it seems like you're asking for advice about monitoring of some unspecified RDBMS. Could you please clarify your deployment scenario and your specific question?

It is correct what I am looking for is to monitor different databases in my sql but when activating the component the connection is wrong by Go

So you're trying to monitor a MySQL database server but have trouble connecting to it, right? In order for community members to help you a few more pieces of information might be helpful:

  • What monitoring agent are you trying to use? Filebeat or Metricbeat with the MySQL module? Or some other agent?
  • What are the versions and configurations involved?
  • What error do you specifically see when trying to connect?

I use metricbeat 9.0 with the mssql module

  • module: mssql


    • "transaction_log"

    • "performance"

    hosts: ["sqlserver://user:pass@ip host:port "]

    period: 1m

I need to declare the instance how could I do it

sqlserver://;databaseName=MyDatabase ?

Thank you

:thinking: In your posts you were talking about MySQL, but your config snippet uses the mssql module. Which one is it?

If you are right I am using the mssql module, would you recommend using the sql one? Could you help me how the configuration would be? I thank you so

to clarify the database is in a SQL server not in my sql

If you're trying to monitor the Microsoft SQL Server, mssql looks like the right module. I'm wondering where you're taking the version 9.0 of Metricbeat from since the latest released version is 7.12.

If you're trying to log in as a native user, a string like sqlserver://user:pass@;databaseName=MyDatabase should work, but for AD users you'd have to use separate username and password config keys or store them in the secrets keystore (see the module-specific notes).

Could you tell us which error Metricbeat is logging when unsuccessfully trying to connect to the SQL server?

Exiting: 2 errors: host parsing failed for mssql-transaction_log: error parsing URL: parse "sqlserver://User:Pass
@host:port;databaseName=pocoyo": invalid port ":####;databaseName=pocoyo" after host; host parsing fai
led for mssql-performance: error parsing URL: parse "sqlserver://user:pass@host:port;databaseNam
e=pocoyo": invalid port ":####;databaseName=pocoyo" after host

Welcome to Metricbeat 7.9.0

Looking at the implementation of the underlying go-mssqldb library it seems the sqlserver url-style string expects the database name as a query parameter after the ?:


Does that work?

perfect thank you. one more favor could you please if you can collaborate with this problem and apply your wise knowledge


Would you like to clarify something for the database user what permissions he must have in addition to these


Sorry, I barely know anything about MSSQL. I'd recommend reading the MSSQL documentation or asking your support contact at Microsoft.

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