Name or tag the search query

Hello. I recently upgraded from Elastic 2.X to 5.X. In 5.X, it looks like queries can no longer have arbitrary URL parameters. I used to append my search URL with a name, e.g.


so that I can distinguish easily among many types of searches on Chrome dev tool. (My app invokes multiple AJAX concurrently.) Prior to naming the URL, I clicked through many of the _search lines to find the one I want.

Is there a naming/tagging feature in Elastic 5, or is there a different approach to help debug multiple calls to Elastic? (I'm also open to other tools than Chrome dev tool).

Thank you.


indeed, parsing got strict here. You could set the X-Opaque-Id HTTP header field, which is also returned in the response.


Thanks! I can add that header as custom response header in the dev tool.

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