How to simulate X-Opaque-Id semantics in Elasticsearch 5.3

Are there any known ways to simulate the newer X-Opaque-Id semantics for /_search requests in older versions of Elasticsearch (specifically 5.3.x)?

One approach I considered is co-opting the _name field as described in and However, this approach doesn't work without disruption (requires at least one bool query) and likely has performance implications associated with matched_queries processing. Another approach I've thought might make sense is using source.excludes and including a bogus field that contains a correlation id that can be used for joining with external systems for the purposes of tracing (see How to track user actions (process list)? for similar in later versions).

Any ideas for improvements would be greatly appreciated!

For the benefit of future readers, I see there is another approach using stats:

I think the best approach is to upgrade. 5.3.x EOLed on September 28, 2018.

Agreed. Unfortunately that's not always viable, or may take some time and thus having an interim solution has a lot of value in our context.

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