Name saved in disk when taking snapshot


I have Elasticsearch 5.6 and I have a question when making snapshot:
it's possible to find the same name of directory like index name after making snap.
Now the directory generated is random name like this lMTVcGo4Q6ik7XlEmmMndg.
before with previous version of elastic it was significant name for example customer-1.

    PUT /_snapshot/msh_repository/test04?wait_for_completion=true{
      "indices": "customer-1",

when check in hard disk/bucket:

ls indices

preferred result:

ls indices

Hope my question is clear.
Many thanks

It's deliberate that the directory names don't line up with index names. You should not be looking at the contents of the repository, it contains no user-serviceable parts.

Also version 5.6 was released over 3 years ago and has long passed EOL. It's really old and there have been a lot of improvements and bug fixes in the meantime. You should upgrade as a matter of some urgency.

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