Get repository folder name for an index

Hi All,
I'm creating day wise snapshots which contains multiple indices for different services (also day wise). I'm planning to move older snapshots from S3 Intelligent-Tiering to S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class. For transitioning objects from one storage class to another I'll set up a S3 lifecycle rule. This part seems sorted, but the problem is with retrieving the data.

The "/indices" folder in S3 bucket has multiple folders with random uuid as their name. If I want to retrieve an index from the Glacier, I wouldn't know which folder/objects to retrieve.

Is there any way to know the uuid/folder-name of the deleted indices which are part of the older snapshots?

Hi @karan_c Welcome to the community.

Unfortunately, there is no there is user-consumable / user-accessible mapping between the UUIDs and indices.

Perhaps take a look at this post for a possible solution

Got it, Thanks.

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