S3 repository snapshot human readable folder name?


Is it possible to create a snapshot as a human readable folder?

I've snapshot indices that are older than 7 days and store them in s3 as a backup
And I want to delete them after 30 days via bucket policies using prefix

Is it possible to create a snapshot folder name after indices?

I'm using Elastic Cloud and make a snapshot via Elastic Curator


You should use the APIs to delete from snapshots, and not directly alter then at the storage level.

I've delete them after snapshot
So it's not possible to delete them via APIs (because it's gone)

My use case is -
Indices that older than X days are moved outside elasticsearch (to s3)
By moving, It's mean snapshot and delete them
at s3, indices (snapshots) that are older than Y days are deleted permanently

s3 are just like cold storage to us
in case we want to use old data, we just restore to another cluster
if not, we just delete it

Short answer: No. As has already been stated, you should never interact with snapshots or the repository except via the API. Everything has names when you use the API.

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