Native controller process has stopped - no new native processes can be started


I have an problem concerned the elasticsearch starting, when we go to the elasticsearch service for forced their startup, an error message is displayed and the startup is failed, for this i used the cmd console for this starting without succes :frowning: , the same problem and error is displayed "Native Controller process has stoped -no new native processes can be started"

Working environment :

  • VMware workstation 12.5.9
  • OS VM : Windows Server 2016 Standard 64 bit
  • Elasticsearch MSI Version : 7.1.1

Please find attached the logs with console cmd : [ScreenShot Cmd Consol Error Msg | Error Msg Starting with Elasticsearch Service]

Please I need to your support to resolved the problem ASOP.

Best Regards.

It seems to me like it is an issue with the configuration, see:

[1]: the default discovery settings are unsuitable for production use; at least one of [discovery.seed_hosts, discovery.seed_provides, cluster.initial_master_nodes] must be configured

so, how we can configure the parameters

See the following link for where to find the configuration file:

And this link for a description of the discovery configuration:


I not found where I can change these settings :frowning: ,
Note that i already opened the 3 config files (below) and i not found the parmets of [discovery.seed_hosts:] & [cluster.initial_master_nodes:]

The elasticsearch config files:

I need to your help please.

best regards.

Could you show your elasticsearch.yml configuration?

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