Native log reader?

Hi guys,

I'm using Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana to process, store and visualize my logs.
My setup works fine but now I'm looking for a new tool : before ELK is was used to read my logs on Notepad++ or Glogg (on Windows) and now I'm using only kibana discover tab.

Do you think I can find a native application that looks like a read-only Notepad++ that query Elasticsearch and display my logs like before ?
The three features I actually need are : querying multiple sources logs, for a specified date range, and display it quickly to a concise and fast viewer.

I don't think it's very complicated to implement, so that's why i'm wondering :smile:

Thanks for your help.

In what way is Kibana's discovery tab insufficient for your needs?

Hi Magnus,

Actually I am more used to browse my logs in Notepad++ and thus having a more compact view of each lines than on the discover page.

I think I just encounter two main usability issues :

  • see more than 500 log lines without refining my search.
  • have a more compact view (no line wrapping, no margin or padding between lines, etc ...).

I did not found any tool yet and after a short research on Elasticsearch API I realize that it could be simpler to code a little super custom tool that fit my needs.