Need a hand to install dashboard

Hi. I need a bit of a hand to install some dashboards. I have some security enabled on my cluster so can't just upload them...

I need a hand with the auditbeat dashboard but my beat is installed on a windows machine.. I tried this but no go.

From within PS as admin - auditbeat setup --dashboards

My ES Servers are on another box.

So what happens when you do that? Can you post the command and the output (as text, not a screenshot).

I'm good now.
I temp disabled https on one of my Kibana nodes and then put this into my auditbeat.yml file "kib02:5601"
and unremarked this..
setup.dashboards.enabled: true

restarted auditbeat service

and it loaded!

I remember in the old days you had to run a switch command to load the Dashboard into Elasticsearch.. glad those days are gone :slight_smile:

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