Need advice on ECE Hardware

Hi, @Alex_Piggott

Our team is working on one project like logging as a service based on ece. We need to use raid arch because we have a very high data availability requirement.

After some investigation, raid 50 seems to be a better decision.
Do you guys use raid 50 on elastic cloud?
Can you give me some tips if we need to provide 8 TB storage size per ece allocator node?
For example, how many disks should we use and how much size is each disk for the raid 50 arch?


I believe we have seen use of RAID-50 and RAID-60 in ECE in practice, both are definitely safe

I don't have much to offer on the 2nd question beyond standard RAID-50 knowledge :slight_smile: ... eg if you went with the minimum of 6 disks (2 RAID-0 x 3-RAID-5) then 2TB/disk for each of the 6 disks would give you 8TB (in 2 leg config, you "lose" 2 disks' worth of storage. so (6-2)*2TB=8TB) .. but other configurations are possible with different price/performance/redundancy trade-offs


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(Note also that with the hot-warm configuration you can choose different price points for different allocators .. eg spend more on the allocators that would host the newer data to get better performance there)

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Thanks for your detailed answer!


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