Need advice on using Elasticsearch in a transaction processing application

We develop and maintain an ecommerce back-office fulfillment system. So, it has

  • the transaction processing function to capture fulfillment requests from an ecommerce website, and
  • the reporting, listing, and business functions to redeem, un-redeem, void, and un-void.

The current database is MariaDB, and we recently got an initiative to add Elasticsearch as a secondary database side-by-side.

So, MariaDB will still be the main database, and the source of truth, and Elasticsearch holds a real-time replication of the transaction data. We hope Elasticsearch can provide better text searching for in the transaction listing and reporting functionalities.

For example:

  • search a specific attribute for a keyword throughout all transactions in the data set, or
  • a global search on all attributes in the data set.

The initiative itself did not provide enough details, and we are not sure whether the idea works. So, we asked ChatGPT about whether there are any transaction processing applications. The answer was:

  • Magento uses Elasticsearch for searching the products in the catalog. This is a strong example of success with Elasticsearch; however, it is not exactly applicable to our scenario of searching the transaction list.
  • ChatGPT also mentioned an online dating app using Elasticsearch to pair up the profiles of men and women.

Our Question:

  • Is there any transaction processing application using Elasticsearch in its processing, or reporting functionalities? For example, a widely used open-source project, or anything else successful.

  • If not using Elasticsearch side-by-side with the traditional main database, is there any example of using it as a data warehouse for its strong analytical functions?

  • Please remind us if we missed anything else about Elasticsearch or the traditional database in the transaction processing context.

We are new to Elasticsearch ecosystem, and we highly appreciate any hints and suggestions.

Hi @Mike_Z ,

We don't typically advertise how our customers are using Elasticsearch without their express permission and collaboration. You can read through the various Customer Blogs we share on Customers | Elastic Blog for some insights on how other companies are using Elasticsearch. Looks like we also share some wins on Elasticsearch customer success stories | Elastic Customers.

Sounds like you might also get some value from reading through our documentation. Check out: Welcome to Elastic Docs | Elastic

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Thank you, @Sean_Story .

Following your hints, I am reading the case studies on this page.

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