Need explanation of Swiftype reports OOTB

Is there any documentation regarding the reports that are created in Swiftype?

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You might find this useful:

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Hi Kellen,

I saw that page. However, it didn't explain all the reports.

When I export the report, it produces a number of files:

  1. Top search queries
  2. Top search no results
  3. Top click thru query
  4. Top no click thru
  5. Top multiple click thru
  6. Top search clickthru
  7. Top Autocomplete clickthru
  8. Top Autocomplete query

If I show these results to our team, they will ask for each, What is the recommendation? What is this report showing?

So, I need to really understand each report. I do not see any documentation to explain what each report is telling us.


We show in the Top click query report the following data:
query: mccp
query count: 1495
click_count: 519

What should I conclude from this?

The Top search clickthru report shows:
Click count

Do I assume that when a user searched on that title, this is the page they clicked on and that was done 593 times?


Looking at the example...

query: mccp
query count: 1495
click_count: 519

This means that mccp was searched for 1495 times and that people clicked results 519 times. That's pretty good performance -- 35% of people found an enticing result for that query.

And the other example...

Click count

This shows your top documents. The Title is the actual title of the document (My Website: Example Title), and not the search query. The URL is the address in which the document is located on your webpage. The click count is how many times it has been clicked. This file might help inform your "best" content -- perhaps it's worth putting the top items in a different place on your main website, so people can find them without searching (for example).

As for the rest of the reports, it might be helpful to breakdown the key definitions:

There are the "search"definitions:

  • Query : A query occurs when one types something into your search bar, then hits enter. A query will either return results, or not return results. It will generate a click, or it will not generate a click.
  • Click/Clickthrough : When a person makes a successful query, receives results, and clicks a result, they register a click.
  • Autocomplete : An autocomplete fills in the blanks as a searcher is looking for the right words. When a searcher finds their result before their search concludes, the partial search term is captured.

And there are the "document" definitions, like Title, URL -- these are unique to the documents within your Engine.

The last piece that might help is the "no" reports, like "top no clickthrough queries". These might be a useful starting point. They let you know which queries are failing to generate an action, whether that action is a page view or a click. You can then use this information to inform improvement of your results via the relevance tuning features, like Synonyms and Result Rankings.

Please let me know if anything is still foggy.


How does the autocomplete work?


query = survey

keyword = survey, surveys

click_count = 111

An autocomplete works by chopping user input, then using that chopped bit as a query. Each autocomplete query is, we could say, a "mini query". It looks very quickly at document fields like Title or Sections, then it uses that information to help a user complete their query.

It might help to look at a detached case:

query keyword click_count
a analytics 1
a about 1

When a person entered only a in the search box, a was used to quickly search a small set of document fields. It determined that analytics and about were good suggestions, because it found matches containing those keywords. It helped someone find the analytics and about page.


thank you for all your help!

You're welcome :sunny: ~ thanks for using Site Search!


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