Need help aggregating strings from logs

I wish to create a dashboard with a dataset consisting of 3 variables out of which I want to see average values of 2 (after theyr're grouped the third variable). For example, I would like to see the solverObjVal and SolverRuntime averages for each day grouped by numNodes. Each message that contains the string "Optimization completed successfully" has these 3 data points and I want to extract all these messages and the 3 values mentioned above. How do I go about doing this? I wrote a query to visually see all the messages containing "Optimization completed successfully" but I am not sure how to parse the message and extract the 3 values required (along with timestamp). See example of logs below:

message:[2021-04-27 13:27:27,081: INFO] [__main__](optimizeJobWrapper-13a258d1569e4586a7097508ccf19e76) Optimization completed successfully, writing optimizeResponse to Kafkatopic=dev-chi-location.optimizeResponse. Status=OPTIMAL, LocationId=6087d7fe127b9e4v3e09efef, SolverRuntime=0.0262660980225, SolverObjval=3081750.2839, numNodes=2 @timestamp:April 27th 2021, 09:27:30.994

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