Need Help: Configuring S3 Snapshots after ElasticSearch Instance Spun up

Hello - due to circumstances, we weren't able to configure repository-s3 plugin before spinning up our ElasticSearch stack in Production. While we are ok for now, I want to address this gap as soon as possible without downtime on our Stack.

Using some foresight, all instance have the plugin installed - just no configurations done. Before I even attempt anything, wanted to hear the community's thoughts on these two points

  • Is it possible to configure snapshots on ALREADY running elasticsearch instances (which have the plugin installed)?
  • Would elasticdump be a better option?

You will need to configure secrets (ie access/secret key for s3) which must be stored in the elasticsearch keystore. Since the keystore currently is only loaded when elasticsearch is started up (just like elasticsearch.yml), you will need to add the configuration and then restart elasticsearch. But you can do this in a rolling fashion: update the config on one node, restart that node, the move to the next. Unless you have unsafe index settings (eg no replication), the system should be resilient and there should be no down time.

thank you for the prompt reply. Its encouraging to know that this is possible. Could this be done with Roles instead of keystore?

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