Need help for local Elastic node to read a kafka message (from Zookeeper)

Hi- from local elastic node ,need help to read a kafka message from Zookeeper.

Can you give some more context on what you are trying to do? Please provide as many details as you can including what you have tried already as your current description is not very clear.

Sure. There is a real-time message streaming into a Kafka topic. Kafka is using Zookeeper for message coordination.
I am trying to read the message(Json ready) from my local elasticsearch node and visualize in kibana.

pls let me know if this makes sense (since am new to the whole thing!)

What I have tried is -
after starting elasitic and kibana nodes on my local machine- I am a bit stuck on the steps/commands to read the mesg from the Zookeeper url.

I'd suggest you use Logstash -