Need -Help --On ---How to Index Data(e.g., CSV File Data) using java api from my system(local machine) into another system(Server machine)'s Elasticsearch

Hi., to All.
Good Evening.

      I Have Implemented Logic for index Some CSV File Data into 

ElasticSearch using ElasticSearch-Java-API.
This Code is working fine and is able to index 10Laks Documents(or above)
into elasticsearch which is running on my system.

But now, I have asked to Implement the logic for indexing The CSV File
data into elasticsearch which is running on Our Company Server machine From
my System using the same java API.

Now I have to Know, is this ElasticSearch-Java-API support to index data
into remote system's elasticserach?
If supports, Please tell me the Procedure to Indexing into remote machine.

Thanks to you all.


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