Need Hunspell Analysis in Single Token Keyword

ES version: 5.6.3

I have a field with mappings:

"keyword_phrase_tag": {
    "type": "text",
    "analyzer": "keyword_phrase",
    "search_analyzer": "phrase_keyword_analyzer"

and then the keyword_phrase itself is

"keyword_analyzer": {
    "filter": [
    "type": "custom",
    "tokenizer": "keyword"

If the keyword_phrase_tag value is "newest Adidas shoes", my expectation result is "new adidas shoes" but I got "newest adidas shoes".
It turns out the tokenizer keyword ignore the Hunspell analyzer that implemented in english_stemmer filter

"english_stemmer": {
    "locale": "en_US",
    "type": "hunspell",
    "dedup": "true"

I can confirm that it is not wrong Hunspell implementation. If try to change the tokenizer to standard, the Hunspell works but split into multiple token

  "tokens": [
      "token": "new",
      "start_offset": 0,
      "end_offset": 6,
      "type": "<ALPHANUM>",
      "position": 0
      "token": "adidas",
      "start_offset": 7,
      "end_offset": 13,
      "type": "<ALPHANUM>",
      "position": 1
      "token": "shoe",
      "start_offset": 14,
      "end_offset": 19,
      "type": "<ALPHANUM>",
      "position": 2

Is there a way to implement Hunspell to single token output?

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