Need to monitor apache workers and requests

I have an instance with "Elasticsearch , Logstash and kibana" and filebeats installed in other multiple instances
i'm trying to monitor apache2 requests , workers and so on,
Discover tab in kibana working fine but Visualize tab get "Looks like you don't have any visualizations. Let's create some!" and no data for visualizing

what should i do to monitor apache2 workers and requests

Which version of filebeat and kibana are you using?

Do you see the Apache2 dashboard under Dashboards, in Kibana?

Hi @adrisr thanks for reply
kibana and filebeat version is 6
and no apache2 dashboard displayed into kibana

Have you tried setting up the dashboards with

filebeat setup --dashboards

It requires you to add your kibana address to the setup.kibana.hosts field in filebeat.yml

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