Filebeat apache2 no visualization is showing

Can any one help me out to get filebeat apache2 visualization .

Have you checked if you have any apache events in the filebeat index?

How to check that ?

You can use the developer tools/console in kibana or curl to query the existing indices. Check if the is any filebeat-* index. If not, the problem is not with kibana but the connection filebeat to Elasticsearch.

If the filebeat indices exist, you can use the discover tab in kibana to search, filter, and inspect the documents in the index.

Do you use filebeat modules?

Have you configured filebeat to send directly to Elasticsearch?

Have you checked filebeat logs for errors?

yes filebeat-* index is already configured and it is set up in kibana dashboard also and i am directly sending logs to elasticsearch,
I tried everything but filebeat apache visualization is not showing any thing can you help me out in this if possible or can you do that by teamviewer ?
And Thank you for your help.

Check in Elasticsearch if you can find some documents which match fileset.module=apache.

If no documents are there, please share your filebeat config, filebeat logs and filebeat version.

here is my filebeat config and logs file

I think you forgot to add the document. Please also add the logs.

Here are the apache log files.

forgot the link?

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