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I am working on ELK & Filebeat(6.4.0 version),i want to visualize the apache2 and mysql logs on kibana dashboard through filebeat.I enabled the modules in modules.d and giving the log path to apache2.yml & mysql.yml file.But the kibana is visualizing only var/log/yum.log files not apache2 logs, in the dashboard getting " No results displayed because all values equal 0".Can you please help me how to solve that issue.

please find that my filebeat.yml file

#=========================== Filebeat inputs =============================


  • type: log

    Change to true to enable this input configuration.

    enabled: true

    Paths that should be crawled and fetched. Glob based paths.

    #- /var/log/syslog
    • /usr/local/java/C2S_LOGS/*.log
      #============================= Filebeat modules ===============================

    Glob pattern for configuration loading

    path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml

    Set to true to enable config reloading

    reload.enabled: false
    #==================== Elasticsearch template setting ==========================
    index.number_of_shards: 3
    #============================== Kibana =====================================
    host: ""
    #-------------------------- Elasticsearch output ------------------------------

    Array of hosts to connect to.

    hosts: [""]
    protocol: "http"
    username: "elastic"
    password: "changeme"

#----------------------------- Logstash output --------------------------------

The Logstash hosts

hosts: [""]

xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
logging.metrics.period: 10s

Thanks in advance,

any errors in the filebeat logs?

Thank you for your reply steffens,

This is my filebeat logs.

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