Needs suggestion to execute painless script as part of HTTP filter plugin

I have a requirement to execute(via GET) a painless script to find a maximum value of a field in http logstash filter.
I am getting parse error as the keyword 'max' is not understood by http filter.
Do we have a way to implement the concept as described above?
Please shred some light on this.

Thank you all in advance.

Actually I am trying to find out the maximum value of a field using script in http filter GET method as part of http body. The script is part of nested aggregation at 3rd level.
Since the script is part of http body which is enclosed already with single quote, I do see the trouble in implementing the concept.
FirstLevelAgg->SecondLevelAgg->ThirdLevelAgg-> Return the maximum of this field using the script.
Do we have any other way of implementing the logic.


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